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While many believe they can choose who they love, she operates under the premise that love should be felt by all. For Francoise Givens, author and speaker, “love” is so much more than a word one uses to express how they feel about someone. It’s about creating a safe space to be seen, heard and accepted for one’s authentic self—and being willing to offer that same grace and acceptance to others. Having experienced numerous highs, and her fair share of lows, Francoise is intentional about sharing her heartbreak, hope and healing. On a mission to debunk the idea that love needs to be conquered, she is wholeheartedly committed instead to letting love conquer her.

After the loss of her husband to cancer, the pain was so crippling that Francoise didn’t believe she’d ever be open to love that way again. She thought doing life alone was enough. But it was through one of the toughest times in her life that she developed the greatest strength. After years of therapy, Francoise soon realized that the only way to heal was to allow more love into her life—and to release more love to others. Through many impactful relationships over time, she recognized that although the opinions and definitions of love may vary by person, everyone ultimately wants the same thing. Even more so, she learned that one cannot truly love, nor receive love, until he or she truly takes self-inventory—a feat many choose to ignore.

In her debut book, From My Heart to Yours: The Courage to Love, Francoise candidly takes readers on a journey from shame, guilt and fear to a life of healing and wholeness. Realizing that the very walls she once set up as a defense ultimately became her personal prison, she strategically helps readers search within themselves to find the root of what’s preventing them from experiencing a life of love and happiness. Now committed to educating others that love is truly about being intentional daily, Francoise strives to always have someone else's best interest at heart, even if it does not mean she will personally benefit.

Operating from the belief that love should exist in everything we do, Francoise seeks to inspire, empower and uplift others to live a life of purpose fulfillment and wholeness. In addition to holding a Master of Business Management, she is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, where she gives back in her community and the world at-large. Through her innate passion and ability to reach people on an emotional, intellectual and intimate level, Francoise brings an energy of love like no other.


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